Preparation:  As I was listening to a message I ran across on Facebook, I couldn’t help, but to be moved and inspired. As I listened to his words on mental preparedness, I felt compelled and motivated to make a commitment of my own and share a few of my own thoughts on my personal experiences with Anxiety and battling “negative anticipation”.

Check out the video and inspired this episode.

David Goggins grew up in an abusive household and endured bullying and racism during high school. He was born with a heart disease giving him a hole in his heart. Not only that, he struggled with obesity twice in his life, weighing at over 300 lbs. 

David Goggins – Find Your Greatness

You won't believe what David Goggins did with a hole in his heart. (Interview with Tom Bilyeu)

Posted by Goalcast on Friday, July 7, 2017

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