"Embrace your struggle and remain humble."

I’m a creative thinker, digital media communicator and strategist, and technology generalist, with a deep passion for Mental Health Awareness.

I was blessed to have been introduced to the concept “entrepreneurship” and planned strategy implementation at the tender age of 12. From opportunities such as launching a fully equipped and staffed audio recording studio, to successfully generating $500,000 plus in revenue in under 4 months, using strategic marketing and planned deployment “human capital”. My passion for growth has continued to play a big part in the way that I approach each and every project or position.

I’ve spent the greater part of 10 years assisting, both, businesses and entrepreneurs, achieve growth and sustainability through technical and creative planning. Keeping a youthful heart and open mind has given me the ability to take the, very serious process, of brand development and strategic planning and mold it into an enjoyable journey. My desire to see others succeed translates to genuine care and concern for each and every project interaction.

“I believe that the future is in the hands of the youth and is greatly dependent upon how well we equipment them as humans and as individuals. Encourage them to be strong individuals… Individuals with faith in who they are and what they can accomplish.” – Cedric

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